1. General Provisions

1.1. The present document defines the main principles, conditions and methods of permissible use of the Software product and the participation in the Travelpayouts travel affiliate network (hereinafter — the Terms).

1.2. Trademark rights for Vanafly and all the software and graphical systems of the Affiliate network is owned by Go Travel Un Limited, registered as a legal entity under the legislation of the Special administrative region of Hong Kong 18.08.2011, registration number 1658681, address: room 1504, 15/F, Chinachem Tower, 34–37 Connaught road Central, Hong Kong (hereinafter — the Owner).

1.3. Basic definitions:

Travel affiliate network / Affiliate network is a form of business cooperation between the Owner, Advertisers and Affiliates, implemented on https://www.vanafly.com/, aimed at promoting the goods and/or services of the Advertisers and other third parties on the internet by Affiliates using the Software product and internet services of the Owner for relevant commission.

Advertisers are legal entities or individuals, members of the Affiliate network, offering to advertise and promote in other ways their products and/or services in the travel and travel-related markets of goods and services by providing advertising materials within Affiliate programs.

Affiliates are legal entities or individuals, authorized members of the Affiliate network, who carry out advertising or other promotion of Advertisers’ offers using the appropriate software tools of the Owner within the Affiliate network.

Software product is a set of information, software and technical tools that are available on the website https://www.vanafly.com/ for:

  1. registration in the Affiliate network and getting access to the Affiliate’s Personal dashboard, access to the appropriate Promotional tools for Affiliate programs;
  2. getting the Affiliate’s statistics on the results of the promotion of Travel services to calculate the Affiliate’s remuneration;
  3. getting information about the operation and direct use of Promotional tools;
  4. getting reference information about the Owner, Advertisers, Travel services market and opportunities for monetization of Affiliates’ internet projects using the Vanafly Knowledge Base and Blog.

Affiliate program is a system of relationships, in which Affiliates are remunerated for the promotion of a specific Travel service or a set of Travel services of one Advertiser or an indefinite number of third-party suppliers of Travel services using the internet services and Promotional tools of the Owner.

Promotional tools are software tools of the Owner, including advertising tools, provided to Affiliates under these Terms and the public offer agreement for monetizing traffic and attracting end users to purchase Travel services. A full list of Promotion tools and their description are available here.

Travel services are hotel services, passenger and baggage transportation services, and other services available for purchase, which are presented on the Owner’s internet services and official websites of Advertisers.

Personal dashboard is a section of the interface of the Software product that contains a visual representation of its functionality and allows the Owner, Affiliates and Advertisers to cooperate within the Affiliate network.

Knowledge Base is a section of the Affiliate network, available at https://www.vanafly.com/ and containing detailed information on the operation of the Software product, its permissible use, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The Knowledge Base contains the present Terms, Policies of the Affiliate network, and certain mandatory terms of cooperation.