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Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

What do I do if I don't get a confirmation email?

You should receive a confirmation email from the partner you selected shortly after you finalize your booking. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see one within a few minutes. If you still haven’t received a confirmation after 24 hours, contact the travel partner and ask for confirmation. Vanafly is a flight comparison site. It does not receive or make reservations, issue tickets or provide travel details.

What is Vanafly's refund policy?

Vanafly provides you with price comparisons. We don’t sell anything, so we don’t have a refund policy. Payments – and refunds – are managed by the travel partner you selected to book your trip. For refund-related matters, contact your partner directly. If you’re not sure which company to contact, check your credit card statement or look for the email confirmation you received when you booked your travel.

Where do the hotel's star ratings come from?

Both the hotels themselves and internet travel businesses that sell hotel rooms offer star ratings. Using such data provided by TrustYou™, Vanafly shows the most accurate results. Given that some of these suppliers are more dependable than others, we present the number of stars while taking this into account.

How do I find the hotel's contact details?

You can contact the hotel using the information on your confirmation email or by getting in touch with your travel agency if you have already made an online reservation and have specific requests for your stay or need more information, such as the arrangements for an airport shuttle. If you haven't made a reservation yet and simply want additional information, try using your chosen search engine to find the hotel's website. If you can't find the solution to a certain query on our website or the website of the travel agency, you should get in touch with the hotel directly.

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