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Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

How does Vanafly find such cheap flights?

Vanafly allows you to quickly search and compare results from hundreds of travel service providers all in one place. We find and display offers for cheap flight tickets from our trusted travel partners without any additional booking fees. Our travel booking service is free, which means that we never add any booking fees or use cookies to inflate prices. Please note that some of the prices shown may not include baggage fees.

Why does the price sometimes change when I try to book a flight?

Vanafly always strives to obtain accurate pricing information, however, prices are not guaranteed. We do not book flights or other travel services directly, Vanafly allows you to quickly search and compare results from hundreds of travel service providers all in one place. Therefore we are unable to set or guarantee the prices shown by our travel service partners. Additionally, it is possible prices may change due to the volume of other people purchasing the same deal at the same time. As a result, you may find situations where the price you intended to pay is no longer available.

What do I do if I don't get a confirmation email?

You should receive a confirmation email from the partner you selected shortly after you finalize your booking. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see one within a few minutes. If you still haven’t received a confirmation after 24 hours, contact the travel partner and ask for confirmation. Vanafly is a flight comparison site. It does not receive or make reservations, issue tickets or provide travel details.

I need to change/cancel my reservation!

After completing your booking with one of our travel partners, you’ll have to get in contact with them to alter or cancel your booking based on their cancellation policy. Our travel partners take your data privacy seriously, which is why Vanafly can’t access your reservation or make changes or resend confirmation emails. Vanafly works with partners who provide reliable and helpful service! If you've already been charged for your reservation, you can find out who your travel partner is by checking the name of the payee documented on your pending or completed charges (credit card or bank statement).


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